My Vision for Graubünden 2050

Since the founding of the Canton in 1803, history shows that Graubünden is an excellent breeding ground for visionary ideas. The development of alpine tourism with bold hotel facilities, the Rhaetian Railway, hydroelectric power plants, Olympic games or Switzerland’s only national park. Visions are indispensable for striving long-term perspectives in a state, because “strategic planning is worthless, unless one has a strategic vision” (John Naisbitt).
Having said so, in 2016 the President of the Government (Regierungspräsident Christian Rathgeb) called for new visions in an economically challenging surrounding.
This is the result of Christian Rathgebs call, the book VISIONEN GRAUBÜNDEN 2050, in which about 150 people tell their future perspectives for Graubünden. I was one of the lucky people to bring in my Vision.

Read my vision for GR 2050