How is it that I live in the Grisons mountains, a mountain bike hotspot, and don’t bike? I asked myself not too long ago and didn’t know the answer. The only way to answer it is to try it out. So I invested a little fortune in a bike and the right equipment (if you think biking consists of a bike and nothing else you’ ll be surprised…). A clever decision, as it turned out – because it’s a lot of fun. The mixture of physical effort, fresh air and flowing single trails is great and mountain biking is the perfect way to get to know the landscape. Sounds kitschy, but it’s like this: The topography and soil conditions determine the speed and the degree of difficulty, only those who know how to read both will make optimal progress.

I don’t know if I learned to walk or to ski first, I only know that it was in Arosa, Switzerland. Both. While I inevitably kept ” walking “, there was a long interruption in my skiing career. Too expensive, too time-consuming. But at some point one thinks back to the origin and so it happened that “I” and “Ski” ended in a 2.0. This time with a luckier end, because meanwhile there is nothing more beautiful for me than to ski through the snowy mountain landscape and enjoy the fresh air.

“Hiking is the miller’s delight”, a German song say, and I think this also accounts for city dwellers. A simple but grandiose activity to get away from noise and (big) hustle and bustle of the city. Thankfully, there are lots of beautiful places waiting to be discovered.

I am a big fan of photography (Steve McCurry, Ansel Adams etc.) and like to capture my experiences, too. I also experiment with different styles and methods, such as timelapse and long time exposures. Unfortunately I don’t have the patience and willingness to suffer as would sometimes be necessairy, which is why it will remain a hobby for me.

One of my personal goals: To try out at least one activity for each of the four elements. Fortunately, it has never been a “try out and forget about it”, but a discovery of a new passion each time – including sailing. Meanwhile I am the proud holder of the Swiss Inland Certificate and it is only a matter of time before I want to take a closer look at the open sea. After all, I only know the oceans from my second water activity, diving, but I am sure there is much to discover.

Ice hockey is somewhat embedded in the Swiss DNA and I am a big fan of this sport. Unfortunately I am talent-free, but that doesn’t stop me from putting on my gloves and taking part in fun events.

I can’t describe how much I looked forward to my first bike when I was 18. It became a BMW Dakar 650, for which I had saved since I was 14 years old. During school time the trips were rather short, but at 19 at the latest my radius got bigger: I had been to the Tunisian Sahara three times at that point. After the official school time was over, I finally found the time I needed and made a childhood dream come true: bike, tent, gas stove and off I went. I was on the road for three months and drove through France, England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. The tour took me as far as to the Northern Cape, a highlight which I hope I won’t forget for the rest of my life.