Global Energy Demand Rises

161,471 TWh

161,471 TWh was the total world energy consumption in 2018. 20 years ago, that number was 111,951 TWh.

69.6 TWh (43.1%)

69.6 TWh (43.1%) of the overall energy was consumed in Asia Pacific. North America (32.9 TWh) and Europe (23.6) follow on second and third place.


85% of the annual energy was provided by oil, coal, and gas. Renewable energy sources accounted for about 10.5%.

15,915 TWh

Those 10.5% are equal to 15,915 TWh of consumed renewable energy.


In 2008, the share of renewables on the world’s energy mix was roughly 7%. That might doesn’t sound like much less than today’s 10.5% but in terms of the total energy produced, this is an increase from 9,182 TWh to 15,915 TWh. Or in other words: In the last ten years, renewable energy has grown 73.3%.