Meet Our Management Team

The Energy Factbook exemplifies a flexible work culture; in part, because we want the greatest talents regardless of where they live, and to another part because this allows us to generate inside knowledge of different countries. Our team is characterized by curiosity, intelligence and the determination to be a part of the energy revolution.
We communicate primarily in English, but our team also covers German, Spanish and French.

Yannick Kramm

Founder and Managing Partner

Yannick is the founder of the Energy Factbook. He is a public relations, brand strategy, and communications consultant with 5+ years of agency experience. He has been passionate in the energy industry for a long time before deciding to do a Masters Degree in Energy and Environmental Change in London. In early 2020, he graduated with distinction, writing his dissertation about Climate Diplomacy in the UN.

Yannick grew up in a small town in the Swiss Alps and learned skiing before he was able to walk. He has never forgotten his heritage and is a passionate mountain biker, ice-hockey player, and freeride skier. Despite his mountainous past, Yannick also likes sailing and spending time in warmer surroundings.