About the Energy Factbook

The Energy Factbook provides information on the history, politics, economics, ecology, and future perspectives of the Energy Industry in times of a changing environment.

What we see

We are living in times of a changing climate and by now, most scientists agree that the human impact at least accelerates this change. Yet, it is impossible to see into the future of the anthropogenic climate change and consequently to see the impact for future generations and the environment.

The world’s energy consumption rises

If we want to reduce our Greenhouse Gas Footprint, decarbonizing of our way of living is inevitable and the world’s energy consumption is THE crucial player to achieve this. And here is where the troubles start. While some countries have taken the path towards a low (or even zero-) carbon economy, a majority of the countries are still increasing their emissions. It is also unclear, how “Common But Differentiated Responsibility” – a key term in all climate treaties – is finally understood. And while politicians discuss solutions, the world requires more energy every day to satisfy its hunger.

Our purpose

It’s the year 2020. Climate Demonstrations have shaken up the international agenda for the last few years, newspapers are filled with Energy and Climate Change related content and during beer-o-clock-time, everyone seems to be an expert. Our purpose is to supply energy facts, to link the involved actors in the transition towards low-carbon economies, and to explain the difficulties in aligning governments, companies, and eventually every human being.